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Viking Ships of the Desert

Two ideas in one
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Idea One: Viking Camels
Camels with fearsome horned helmets and fearless beshielded berserkers as the rider. Could be used against archaeologists and other tomb-raiding thieves.

Idea Two: Viking Longboats
Longboats with sprung caterpillar tracks on the side, powered by an internal combustion engine, but still with the full compliment of sail. The sound of the engine is covered up with a tape recording of nordic drinking songs.

Knut, May 27 2004

Viking Kittens http://users.wolfcrews.com/toys/vikings/
Close, but no berserker [Knut, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Longboat http://www.wootten0.../longboat%20web.jpg
Fearsome! [Knut, Oct 17 2004]

Camel http://www-ucdmag.u.../graphics/camel.jpg
Dromedary [Knut, Oct 17 2004]


       There are already desert vikings - the Berber raiders. And if your desert longboat is not powered by rowing, it doesn't get my vote.
DrCurry, May 27 2004

       l3lackEyed Angels:
Oars and sails would not work. Boats avoid sand banks because they run aground and can't travel over them. The desert is a giant sand bank. Stereotypical viking helmets have horns, and the world turns on stereotypes, so my viking camels' helmets will have horns. Silly it is.

It wouldn't get your vote if it was powered by rowing, so i'm sticking steadfast to the original idea. And are Berber raiders vikings? No, i think this is not so.
Knut, May 27 2004

       I'm happy with my idea as it is.
Knut, May 27 2004

       Croissant for [Knut] for sticking to his guns despite [DrCurry]'s attempts to corrupt him and [l3lackEyedAngels] historical pedantry. +
spacemoggy, May 27 2004

       I'm all for anything that goes 'berserker' on archaeologists. Can I borrow your Viking Camels for the month of July?
Salted Nuts, May 27 2004

       Camels are ships of the desert but I have never seen one in Nordic gear, you get my croissant .
KiwiJohn, May 28 2004


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