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True-to-Life Cooking Simulator

A serious computer-based cooking simulator, with taste modelling
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This would be a serious computer-based simulation product endeavouring to model all the complexities of a full range of equipment, ingredients, their interactions, and their tastes.

Basically, the simulator would provide you with a virtual kitchen through in which dishes could be prepared with virtual ingredients. The software would have the knowledge of what happens when you slice ingredients, blend them, dice them, put certain ingredients together, what happens when you heat ingredients, cool them, mix them, etc. etc. Although it would be technologically difficult, the idea is to have fully fledged scientific modelling of what goes on during cooking.

The software would also give a 'taste rating' to completed dishes. My brother pointed out to me that there is already a large 'database' of all known recpies which the software could be use as the basis for knowing what tastes good together. User settings could store preferences for hot/spicy food, sweets, etc., so the ratings would suit the current user.

Basically, such software could give valuable cooking training and an opportunity to 'test' new dishes without wasting ingredients or making a mess. No washing up either!! You could have online/network simulation as well - cook with your friends, or attend a virtual cooking class with your favourite celebrity chef!

A more wacky addition to this idea is to have an online service where you send your simulated recipe data. A chef in a nearby company franchised kitchen (maybe one per city) then cooks the dish based on data from the simulator, and it is home delivered to your house!

Achenar, Jun 17 2004


       I probably needn't point out the blindingly obvious, but what is the point of 'cooking' without taste or nourishment? Also, the idea of objective standards of taste is laughable.   

       Virtual cooking has got to be the single most pointless idea in the world ever ever ever.
iivix, Jun 17 2004

iivix, Jun 17 2004

       I actually think it could be useful to trial new recipes (self-created), to see if the dish would work. It would save the huge effort, preparation, cleaning up & washing up, all for a cake that is rock hard, or a souffle that is flat. Virtual croissant for you
doughy, Jun 17 2004

       //The software would have the knowledge.// Stored where?   

       "I'm afraid you can't add that spice to a traditional curry Dave."
cromagnon, Jun 17 2004

       Blech! Tastes disgusting.
(A)bort, (R)etry, (I)gnore?
krelnik, Jun 17 2004

       //It would save the huge effort, preparation, cleaning up & washing up, all for a cake that is rock hard//   

       Odly enough, I enjoy doing that sort of thing. Colaberative projects include spludge, spladge, splodge and the pudding that shall not be named. Not one was worth eating, and tptsnbn was inedible, but all were fun.   

       Currenlty working on a sword made out of, well, mostly sugar at the moment, but it could change.   

       *call ambulance, rebuild kitchen* is not my favourite tagline for nothing.</mad ramblings> To sum up, this would be almost useless for entertainment.   

       Anyway, I doubt it would work. A more simple piece of software that tells you if a specific set of flavourings are likely to go together might work though.
RobertKidney, Jun 17 2004

       I think its an intriguing idea
quantass, Sep 07 2010

       Presumably the software could output to some kind of combination of robotic warehouse, food processor and 3D printer, to actually produce the dish you create in the game?
pocmloc, Sep 07 2010

       //Virtual cooking has got to be the single most pointless idea in the world ever ever ever//

Gets my bun then!
DrBob, Sep 08 2010


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