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The Sims Office Edition

Have a version of the Sims that could simulate an office.
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Although there is a Baked idea for Sims Business - I propose an office edition. This version of the Sims would not require a lot of interaction. I imagine it as more of a screen saver than a game. Something you can throw on a spare computer and have running so people can have a little laugh over the machinations of their online equivalents. For my office, there are 110 people on the floor we are on, so I think it would be cool to be able to enter in all the staff - have them going around, going to meetings, having arguements. You would have to be able to model a floor, different offices, cublicals, meeting rooms, etc. Crisis' that could occur would be running out of bottled water at the cooler - coffee spills - improptu wastepaper basketball games - being berated by the boss - fire drills - sleeping on the job and dreaming of vacation, etc.

Perhaps a smaller program could be installed for each (real) user, allowing them to customize their character over the network. I know most workplaces won't allow games at work, but since you wouldn't be required to "play" anything... Maybe it would work.

trekbody, Feb 24 2005

The Sims Business Sim_20Business
Already baked idea. [trekbody, Feb 24 2005]


       The worst part about this is that the Sims versions would probably get more work done to benefit my office than the real things.
shapu, Feb 24 2005

       oooo!! Can I be the guy who finally snaps, goes on a rampage and overturns all the desks? I'm rehearsing already.
Noexit, Feb 24 2005

       Absolutely. Some of the other interesting events that could go on would be Office Parties, Audit Scrambles, Employees "Gone Postal" (just wounding employees, all would recover, but the Postal worker goes on "Administrative Leave". Fire drills (and real fires). Would it be going to far to mention disasters like a possible plane crash into the office? Obviously in a crisis, some Sims would flower as heroes, and some would panic.
trekbody, Mar 02 2005


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