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Trumpet Tuba Trombone Actuator Replaces Rasperry Sound Made With Lips

Small powerful speaker actuates the instrument with various wave forms while the instrument keys are played as they normally are.
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The whole brass section gets bluetooth speakers assemblies, about 2 inches square, that snugly fit the mouthpieces of their instruments and play various waveforms replacing the normal raspberry sound you make with your lips to play these instruments.

Obviously any sound could be put through these, wind, thunder, somebody else playing another instrument, even singing.

doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2021

http://www.douglas-...ophone/auxetoph.htm [pocmloc, Jul 12 2021]

Lisa Norman, Integrated approach to the analysis of eighteenth-century horns. DPhil thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2013 https://era.ed.ac.u...1842/8860?show=full
This was probably the researcher I saw. There's a diagram on p.45 of the thesis. [pocmloc, Jul 12 2021]


       Hmm. Might have to get with the times to sell this idea. Okay, how's this?   

       It's time to replace farting noises used to actuate instruments because this is disrespectful to people suffering from gastrointestinal issues.   

       Here's what you can to to help me in my quest to bring wokeness to the corrupt and evil brass instrument oligarchy.   

       1- Send me money. 2- Burn all your records that have brass instruments. 3- Make everybody around you feel bad for not being as woke as you about brass instruments. 4- Send me more money. 5- Admit you've committed evil acts yourself by enjoying music that has brass instruments and tell others to do the same although it won't help because they're still evil and lastly, of course, 6- Send me more money.   

       If you know somebody or know somebody who knows somebody who is still listening to brass band music, please call our hotline. Together we can make the world a better place by ridding the world of this scourge.
doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2021

       What is exciting about this(aside from a room full of grownups making funny faces) is the possibility of sound synthesis, LFOs, filter sweeps, and lots of sound design. Getting speakers big enough to push the air like a brass band would be hard though.
lingamish, Jul 09 2021

       I was thinking that piezoelectric drivers would be small enough but you're limited to higher frequency sounds. The other thing would just use what's known as a "talk box" which is something guitar players (back when guitar players used to try to be creative and interesting) used where a speaker was attached to a tube that you'd put in your mouth. The most famous use of this is a song from the 80s I think by a guy named Peter Frampton. Still, you're limited in the size of the waves you can put into that little mouthpiece but it could be done.
doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2021

       You know what this would absolutely be good for? Horror movie sound effects. People get spooked by things that are unfamiliar and I'm pretty sure with a little creativity you could really get a batch of "WTF was that?!" sounds from this.   

       Back in my recording studio / touring musician youth we'd go on what I called "sound safaris" with my little tape recorder. Abandoned warehouse where I'd hit various things with a hammer, that sort of thing. Then take it back to the studio, put it into a sampler and mix it with various drum hits etc. Just trying to create sounds that don't occur naturally is kind of fun.
doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2021

       I once visited the work room of a musical instrument museum, where there were postgraduate research students doing acoustical investivations of rare 19th century horns and trumpets. They were pretty much doing what you described, attaching a speaker kind of thing to the leadpipe (he bit that the mouthpiece normally fits into), and playing a "swoop" of lots of different frequencies. They then had a microphone at the bell end to record the response. Basically they could make a profile graph of which frequencies were stronger and which were weaker.   

       One thing I noticed was that the sound coming out the bell was pretty quiet. I think that to be a useable musical instrument you need some airstream going into the instrument. So rather than a simple oscillator you are basically going to need an artificial vibrating fart noise device.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2021

       Huh, sounds kind of cool, I'd like to see that. Don't suppose there's any links on Youtube or something?
doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2021

       //sound coming out the bell was pretty quiet//
Maybe you need to increase the volume flow rate? Attach air compressor, and have speaker firing into (perpendicular or in-line; I dunno...) the airstream as it enters the instrument. (As in, trying to replicate the effect of a human; both vibrating lips AND the blow.)
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 11 2021

       //Attach air compressor// see: Auxetophone
pocmloc, Jul 12 2021

       [pocmloc]; that's pretty neat. Seems my idea isn't as crazy as I thought...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 12 2021

       But surely in reed instruments (clarinet, saxophone etc), the reed is a fart-noise making device for exactly this purpose? An air-horn uses compressed air through a reed to make a honk - perhaps put one of those in your tuba/trumpet…
Frankx, Jul 14 2021


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