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Tornado maker

The perfect tornado dome (r) accessory!
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This device consists of the following:

A set of 1 kilometer high towers support a huge block of frozen air, pool of liquid hydrogen, or a radiator filled with an environmentally friendly coolant at a very low temperature.

Beneath them an equally massive pool of almost boiling water is maintained.

Hopefully a tornado will develop.



Put these in unpopulated tornado-prone areas to spawn tornadoes away from the cities, equalizing air temperatures and sapping tornado energy.

Voice, Oct 04 2011

make a mini tornado http://www.youtube....watch?v=1zmhvRiWDHs
[xandram, Oct 04 2011]


Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       Maybe the hot water needs to go around the edge of the base and the frozen air towards the center? Might that work better?   

       A few massive jet engines powering at a 45 degree angle around the edge might also start the swirling needed to kick-start the vortex.   

       Lastly, 1,000 pounds of glittering confetti to feed into the tornado will just top it all off!   

       :) Bun!
not_only_but_also, Oct 05 2011


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