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presidential perfume range
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Every larger than life personality has their own fragrance range, and so we bring you Trumpfume, just in time for Christmas.
"It smells just like your imagination tells you"
xenzag, Dec 04 2016

Trump Fragrances http://www.trump.co...se/trump-fragrance/
Available in two scents - Success and Empire [tatterdemalion, Dec 04 2016]

Trumparoma http://www.urbandic...7&mc_eid=578a8770b5
Urban dictionary. [8th of 7, Dec 05 2016]

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       My imagination tells me Trump smells like expensive cologne fighting valiantly against old cigar smoke and losing.
Voice, Dec 04 2016

       He makes the best smells. Ask anyone.   

       I'll make smelling "great" again. Cause it isn't. Great.
blissmiss, Dec 04 2016

       United Smells of America ?
8th of 7, Dec 04 2016

       Available in two scents? You mean only worth two cents. Who would pay more for anything with the word Trump on it? 'Trump' is a term that now sits alongside 'toxic', 'hatred', 'backward', 'trash', 'liar' and 'retarded'. As a brand, 'Trump' is now a festering corpse - a pariah in the business word, that will damage other companies by any association.
xenzag, Dec 04 2016

       People collect Nazi paraphernalia.
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2016

8th of 7, Dec 05 2016

       Maybe it could smell like a burnt cross. I'm sure his chief strategist will go for it.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2016

       Gag me with a spittoon.
popbottle, Dec 06 2016


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