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YHOO 1999

Custom perfume bottle shaped like stock.
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(This was originally a variation of "1929", the Black Friday-themed perfume.)

Custom-produce perfume or aftershave bottles whose glass bottom is shaped like a year's chart of a stock; the perfume is named after the year and the stock symbol, e.g. "YHOO 1999", and given to the shareholders as a gift at the end of a particularly successful year.

Smell is custom made or picked by the ordering company from a number of brand smells.

jutta, Jan 08 2001


       Has the potential to produce some odd shaped bottles for the struggling Dot.com companies. God knows what the Napster bottle would look like...
Kettch, Jan 08 2001

       Let's say a receiver doesn't like the fragrance..can the empty bottle be used as a magnifying glass to read the fine print in its company annual report?
reensure, Jan 08 2001

       Ahem....bottles? containers? Some us are unfortunate enough to work in an industry where these would end up as mere sheets of glass, with no surface ripples or upward/downward trends of any kind. I guess for us, the glass would have to be impregnated with a musty dusty odour that is generally neutral to the average nose and ignored by everyone.
ickledinkle, Jan 09 2001


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