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Smell Like a Million Bucks

Smell rich, Get Dates
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Money to me has a distinct smell. Coins slightly different than paper money, but a smell none the less. This cologne takes advantage of the olfactory senses by making you smell like money. The more you put on, the richer you smell.

Now you really can have that wealthy aire about you.

WARNING- people attracted to this smell might only be after you for your money, so treat them appropriately

The coin cologne would only get you welfare dates though.

macncheesy, May 18 2004

In his & hers. http://www.liquidmoney.com/
[jutta, Mar 07 2011]

Cocktails & Cologne blog review of the scent (his) http://cocktailsand...the-smell-of-money/
"Money starts with strong citrus top notes that quickly fade to a sort of deodorant soap fragrance, an Irish Spring scent. In the dry down, it’s a fresh scent, part of it bracing like a sporty scent and part of it more medicinal." [jutta, Mar 07 2011]


       Rich people don't carry large wads of cash, as any gold-digger worth her salt knows. Instead they employ others to carry it for them while they advertise their wealth with jewellery/cars/boats/cosmetic surgery etc.   

       By the same token, would a perfume smelling of (excuse the crudity) genitals encourage dates from women who disagree with the "size is not important" theory? Obviously I wouldn't need it but I live to help others ahem.
dobtabulous, May 18 2004

       Formally called Gold Digger cologne. Marketing changed the name
macncheesy, May 21 2004

       Available in truckstop bathrooms?
Letsbuildafort, May 21 2004

       My dad used to count money as part of his job. He'd spend hours sitting in a payroll office surrounded by cash. He always said it was the worst smell in the entire world.
Fishrat, Oct 12 2004

       [Fishrat] ditto. A (used) million bucks smells like stale sweat and hasheesh, and that's in the first world. You really wouldn't want to smell like a (used) million Egyptian pounds, for example. That would be much closer to {UB]'s "Smell Like a Million Ducks" !!
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 12 2004

DesertFox, Feb 24 2005

       re: your first link, jutta. My first reaction was to wonder how economical it would be to buy up the entire supply of 'Money' and try to re-assemble the shredded bank notes. Then I saw it was $35 a bottle and thought it would probably be more economical to just shred my own money instead.
DrBob, Mar 07 2011

       My hands already smell like hands.
WcW, Mar 07 2011

       Currency dogs might pounce on you at every corner where they are to be found...
cowtamer, Mar 08 2011


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