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Truth Booth

A booth where people pay to hear an unbiased first impression
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I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to know how other people see them. And if you worked the booth you could get paid for just sitting there and telling the truth. I'm sure an internet version of this will take off as soon as video over IP takes off.
JesusHChrist, Feb 16 2005


       The internet version sounds a bit like the "AmIHot" website.
robinism, Feb 16 2005

       //video over IP// A webcam?
contracts, Feb 16 2005

       how does this differ from AIHON ? is there an advantage in making it offline (you could always provide a hot or not booth). Surely the advantage of AIHON is you get to here a range of opinions (ok..votes, but a text based AIHON wouldn't be difficult), whereas here, you just hear what one paid professional thinks, al the bias, all the cost, none of the range of opinions.
neilp, Feb 16 2005

       One difference is that the present invention has video. Last time I checked hot-or-not (three years ago), no video. Video is better because no one photo can capture your look.   

       Another difference is that hot-or-not is mostly kids and young adults. So you could be a totally hot grandma, and hot-or-not would rate you a two.
robinism, Feb 16 2005


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