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TripAdvisor Confidential

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This is such an obvious idea that it may exist, in which case I'll delete.

I sometimes leave reviews of restaurants on TripAdvisor. Sometimes it's because I really, really hated the place, in which case I am happy to share that information with the rest of the world. More often, though, it's because I really enjoyed it and want to recommend it.

But there's a problem. Sometimes, I've enjoyed a restaurant enough to want to recommend it, but there were one or two minor things that could have been better. Maybe a brilliant main dish was let down by one of the vegetables, or drinks orders were slow to arrive.

I don't really want to include these "buts" in my review, because on balance I want other people to visit so the place stays in business, so I tend not to put "buts" in a generally positive review.

What would be nice is if, on sites like TripAdvisor, I could add some extra comments that were only seen by the business owner. And yes, I know I could email the restaurant, but who does that?

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2017


       I'm only familiar with Yelp, which is mostly whiners who complain about the drinks being slow to arrive.   

       At places like oil change shops and doctors offices ....
normzone, Jul 21 2017

       Yes, drinks being slow to arrive would seem to be a recurring theme. This signifies something, but I have no idea what. Perhaps Earth's review in HHGTTG should be "Mostly harmless. Drinks service slow."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2017


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