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a browser devoted entirely to Donal Trump
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Donald Trump has complained that Google never says anything nice or positive about him, thereby ignoring his genius; his astounding physical abilities; his adoration by the entire world etc.

Google's failings present an obvious opportunity for the creation of a new browser that's devoted to the single topic of Donald Trump. To be known as Truumple.go, the new browser will only show information about the supreme leader of cargo-land aka North America.

On Truumple.go we can find out just how brilliant he really is and was, with never before details being finally revealed of how (inter alia) it was actually Trump who won the second World War (how many know that hidden diamond of information?)

Who for example knows that Trump ran the 100 meters 2 seconds faster than Usain Bolt? There are so many astounding achievements that it's hard to know where to start; first man on the moon? Ha - Trump was the first man on Mars! I mean who knew that? - no one, thanks to Google's refusal to report it.

He's so shy and modest that most of his 'firsts' have remained totally hidden. First man to fly across the North Pole hanging from a kite made entirely out of cigarette papers? Yep - Donald Trump. First person to train a termite colony to march around in strict drill formation? He was just 6 years old, when he managed that one, recording the whole event on the new gadget he invented, now named the camera. (its real name is the Trumpera)

There is no end to his wonders, and now despite his astounding modesty, they're all going to be clearly visible on Truumple.go - something else that google won't report on.

The final essential component of Truumple.go is its pure knowledge section called: "Ask-The-Donald". Want to know if mercury is a dangerous toxin? - Ask-The-Donald. Need to know what happens to a helicopter if it gets wet? "Ask-The-Donald" has all the answers you'll ever need.

xenzag, Dec 29 2018

Google's bias against Trump's genius. https://www.monitor...-12xs1m5/index.html
"Google picks on me and never says nothin nice about me" Donald Trump [xenzag, Dec 29 2018]

Tr*mp blocker https://chrome.goog...gjnaeadpngccggobaej
works for me [not_morrison_rm, Dec 29 2018]

Health benefits of ingesting mercury produced from burning coal. https://www.npr.org...ostly-not-necessary
Trump prepares to share the proven health benefits of ingesting mercury - what a genius! [xenzag, Dec 29 2018]


       Largely baked by fake news enthusiasts everywhere?
Skewed, Dec 29 2018

       (realises that with the Trump Blocker chrome filter on, I can't see most of the link I added)
not_morrison_rm, Dec 29 2018

       For most peace of mind, the Tr88p + Br88it filters do the trick.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 29 2018

       I'm no Trump supporter but mindless hate is an intellectual shortcut to be ashamed of.
Voice, Dec 29 2018

       True, but you have to admit it's useful - allows you to bypass all that complicated thinking, save a lot of time, and get to your destination faster; a form of high-speed rail for your train of thought ...
8th of 7, Dec 29 2018

       //mindless hate is an intellectual shortcut//   

       I normally find mindless hate to be the end product of a very long, arduous process of elimination of all possible reasonable excuses that might pardon the actions or opinions of the party of the third part (them) that the party of the first part (me) finds objectionable.   

       Followed by a second often lengthier process of eliminating through trial & error any other emotional reaction that doesn't result in unacceptable levels of self- loathing.   

       Not a shortcut, intellectual or other, and nothing to be ashamed of, because by the time I've reached mindless hate, I'll know with absolute certainty that the subject deserves it.   

       Trump, I hasten to add, isn't on my personal hate list, he seems an ass but otherwise I couldn't care less, happy he seems so set on sabotaging globalism to be honest.   

       That aside [Voice] you misspelled "mindless hate".   

       The correct spelling is "taking the piss".
Skewed, Dec 29 2018

       I find it difficult to believe any human should be utterly hated. There are good things in even the worst person I know of.
Voice, Dec 29 2018

       Some things can never be forgiven, some things that are forgiven should never have been & a little good doesn't balance the books for great crimes & never should.   

       Responsible for the death of millions? giving a small child a sweet won't get you a free pass, relativity & judgement, as in all things.
Skewed, Dec 29 2018

       What about Douglas Haig, or Arthur Harris ?   

       Both gave orders which directly caused the death of thousands of their fellow countrymen, and thousands more Germans. They were senior commanders, who were in a position to personally determine strategy and policy; there is no defence of "obeying orders" for them.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       //What about Douglas Haig, or Arthur Harris//   

       Know little or nothing of either so wouldn't have a clue, though I suspect the criteria by which you (or I) apply the words "responsible for" are probably in play with your question.   

       Some consideration of "who started it"   

       Some consideration of "was it incompetent"   

       That sort of thing.
Skewed, Dec 30 2018

       A deft sidestep there, [Skewed].   

       Your "who started it" point is cogent; pleading ignorance of history will not save you a second time, however.   

       As to incompetence, better to ask "was it malicious, or was it trying to do the least worst thing" ?   

       // There are good things in even the worst person I know of. //   

       Interestingly, we have known someone who after long acquaintance still proved to lack even a single redeeming feature. She was described to us as "Someone people take an instant dislike to, because it saves time". That turned out to be eerily accurate.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       //Arthur Harris   

       Rolf Harris...I see a pattern
not_morrison_rm, Dec 30 2018

       I am wise enough to follow the advice of accomplished folk that I hold in high regard, and oddly enough most of them have some degree of contempt for il Dufus, or behave in a manner that is entirely outside of his character in predictable ways. I'm comfortable taking a mental shortcut when I already have taken the long meandering path myself.   

       There may be good things in evil people, but frankly I have more pressing matters than searching for misplaced needles in haystacks, like organizing my sock drawer, for instance.
RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2018

       //I find it difficult to believe any human should be utterly hated// Where do you see the hatred of a human being here? I have generated a simple method of heaping the praise on Donald Trump he points out is totally absent on Google. Now you can choose google or Truumple.go as your source of internet based information. Where's the hatred in that?
xenzag, Dec 30 2018

       //I'm no Trump supporter but mindless hate is an intellectual shortcut to be ashamed of.//   

       Add obsessive, continuous, enthusiastic, exuberant, even ecstatic 24/7 hate and you've got a situation that should be looked at by mental health professionals.   

       It's fine to dislike a politician from another country, although it's very weird to even think about it, but to think about nothing else? This is a tip of the iceberg problem here.   

       Forget about Trump, obsession about ANY subject like this is indicative of a potentially serious mental health issue.   

       Talk to somebody xen. It's good to just connect sometimes. I'm being serious, this is not healthy.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       [doc], I think you may have misinterpreted [xen]'s laser-like focus on Trump for something it's not (well, not entirely).   

       I've always assumed (since I realized he was probably a fellow Brit at least) this was displacement, disparaging Trump as a way of deflecting (his own attention) from the failings of our own mob, thus in it's way perhaps a relatively good thing for his mental health.
Skewed, Dec 30 2018

       Well, I know it brings joy for whatever reason, but isn't it time to diversify? This is un-healthy. If this were a friend of mine I'd say "Bro, you need help."   

       And again, if it wasn't Trump, if it was 24/7 "I hate skin rashes, I don't have one, but do you know millions of people suffer from skin rashes every day? Here, look at this chart I made."   

       "Oh, do you want to be a dermatologist?"   

       "No, I just can't stop thinking about skin rashes. I obsess about them, I dream about them, yesterday I wrote a song about them."   

       "Hmm. Hey pal, let's call somebody eh? We'll go together."   

       But maybe I'm wrong, if it makes somebody happy sitting in a corner chewing on a rubber ball all day, maybe I shouldn't judge, but on the other hand, maybe there's a situation that could be improved for that person.   

       Just a suggestion.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       A little diversity never hurts of course but it's probably like singing "la la la" to avoid hearing a song you find really annoying.   

       Pausing to think of another tune entails the danger of letting in the one you're trying to avoid :)
Skewed, Dec 30 2018

       I think you probably hit the nail on the head with that one.   

       Hey, I don't go through life blissfully happy every second and I need diversion myself, but I'd like to think if I started obsessing about one diversion and one diversion alone I might take a look at it.   

       Especially if it were a hate filled obsession with some individual.   

       I like your other ideas xen, that boxing on a waterbed post is brilliant. You're very creative and probably a very good person, but who wants to listen to somebody's hate filled rants 24/7? No matter what it's about.   

       Although according to the viewer ratings for MSNBC, quite a few.   

       Eh, what do I know? Rant on xen. If it makes you happy right? I don't have to click on them.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       On this subject I defer to my hero who used to talk about this constantly. I've mentioned it before but it needs repeating. Quick review:   

       1- This guy (name not important) drove tractors in the forest for a living with his dad. He tells the story about putting in a fire break during an active forest fire where he and his dad had to put their skip loaders in reverse and drive for their lives. He grew up doing forestry management.   

       2- His high school discovered he had an off the charts IQ and sent him a letter saying he needed to consider higher education. He ignored the letter that his dad found on his desk. He insisted that his son get out of the forestry business and utilize his talents elswhere.   

       3- Got accepted to UC Berkeley on scholorship, got is PHD in electrical engineering in his teens and was a professor in his 20s.   

       4- Invented one of the earliest smoke detectors, patented it and made a bundle.   

       5- Worked on the Apollo guidance computer that sent the first men to the Moon.   

       6- Moved on to designing hydrogen bombs with the father of the hydrogen bomb, Edwin Teller.   

       7- Had a best selling tongue and cheek book on picking up chicks.   

       8- In an incident described by somebody other than him, he was sitting in a bar with a black friend when a group of bikers came in and started hurling racial slurs at him. He broke a bottle on the edge of a table and told them if they wanted to fight to shut up and fight. They did not want to fight.   

       9- He became a well known radio talk show host. That's where I discovered him.   

       He obsessively complained that the liberal, green party types were going to distroy the forests he grew up in with their mismanagement. For years, he would harp on this subject, over and over again.   

       Then the fires started and here we are.   

       That's my problem with this mindless tribalism. Trump said we need forestry management just like my hero did, but because it's Trump, the solution will only be ridiculed, right or wrong.   

       With this cold civil war we're having, real solutions won't be discussed, it's only "What does Trump say?"   

       I hope we get back to discussing issues someday because a functional society needs to evaluate situations sometimes.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       // "Trump was absolutely right about that" he added. //   

       ... quite correctly.   

       Small fires are a natural and essential feature of the ecosystem. Prevent them happening, and eventually there will be huge, uncontrolled fires.   

       Human have built cities right beside active volcanoes, on top of well-mapped and highly active fault lines, and on low-lying seashore prone to hurricanes. Building dwellings in fire-prone coniferous forest fits the pattern nicely.   

       Oh, and what [doc] said.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       I recollect seeing someone posting (elsewhere) about how ironic it was that Trump said foreign nations where taking american jobs when he had outsourced a number of jobs (closing some factory or other in the US down & building a new one to make the stuff in China or India or something) & how this supposed contradiction somehow showed Trump didn't know what he was talking about on this issue.   

       I felt compelled to point out to the poster that (while no fan of Trump) he was contradicting himself, according to his own post, Trump employed people & had on economic grounds felt it expedient to choose to employ people abroad rather than in America, which did suggest contrary to the posters conclusions that he might in fact have some relevant first hand knowledge on the subject & its causes.   

       He down-voted me :)   

       Whatever he is or isn't there's one thing about Trump I'm sure of, he's either a piss poor communicator or he's got a completely useless PR team.
Skewed, Dec 30 2018

       We've been given two choices: Love Trump and everything he says or hate him and everybody who supports him. It's the answer to all questions.   

       How should we manage the forests? Fuck Trump. Should we utilize more nuclear power to reduce carbon emissions? Fuck Trump. How should we deal with problems in the Middle East? Fuck Trump.   

       One last thing about my guy, he was best friends with Clint Eastwood and has been featured in a couple of his movies. Not pertinent to the discussion but kind of interesting.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       // It's the answer to all questions. //   

       You're wrong there ... for example, the capital city of Paraguay is Asunciôn, not Fuck Trump.   

       Wikipedia says so, so it must be true.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       //the capital city of Paraguay is Asunciôn, not Fuck Trump.//   

       Depends on who you ask.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       The Paraguayans would probably be the most reliable source of information on that topic, closely followed by National Geographic.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       Agreed, but still, depends on who you ask.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       I'm wondering how effectively a group of devout Trump haters could communicate if they were allowed to say only "Fuck Trump" but to let the inflection, tonality and the situation dictate the meaning.   

       I took a year of Chinese as a kid and learned about non-monotone inflection changing the meaning of a word. Using the Chinese model gives you 4 meanings right there.   

       Facial expression would go a long way towards assigning meaning. A bright smile, raised eyebrows and a chipper tone while addressing a person with "Fuck Trump!" in the morning would clearly mean "Good morning." A response with a glower expression and a low grumbly tone in response with "Fuck Trump." would clearly mean "Ugh, not for me, I'm not feeling so great. Let me get my coffee."   

       Written communication would be much harder. I wouldn't want a surgeon operating on me who studied nothing but books saying "Fuck Trump." over and over.
doctorremulac3, Dec 30 2018

       Presumably books would be written using hanji, or similar pictgrams - only the spoken, inflected form would be restricted. So your surgery would be OK as long as the surgeon could remember the the exact difference in pronunciation between "scalpel" and "clamp".
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       Hmm, with Tr&&p blocker on, this looks post like the damage scrapie does to a sheep's brain.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 30 2018

       Trump supporters only require a tiny vocabulary, limited to less than 100 words. Nevertheless, they communicate very effectively, much like pigeons do, combining a series of jerky neck movements and macho strutting with a type of monosyllabic gibbering. Certain words have a great frequency of use, including: 'awesome'; 'tremendous'; 'greatest' and of course 'fake'. Like Trump, the ability to read is rudimentary, so nothing much needs to be transcribed unto paper. All of this is detailed (in cartoon form) on the new browser in the Truumpedia section.
xenzag, Dec 30 2018

       Let's talk about something entirely different for a while. A long while.
Voice, Dec 30 2018

       I feel sorry for him when I'm not cringing. I see a very, very sad little boy who never outgrew the most adolescent of beliefs, that the whole world revolves around you. It's why he lies and is so petulant, and so very narcissistic.   

       But the position he holds makes me also very afraid of what he might do in a fit of rage.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2018

       Some kind of controlled burn in Washington would seem to be wise. I believe this was my point a long time ago in a political post far, far away.   

       Do you think that hero-worship, of folk like Wattenburg, is the other side of the same coin as fuck-trumpalism?
RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2018

       //Do you think that hero-worship, of folk like Wattenburg//   

       Hero worship? Is that your way of saying I'm an asshole for respecting somebody?   

       Jesus Ray, give it a break.
doctorremulac3, Dec 31 2018

       As always, one mention of Trump, and a torrent of rage is released like a cloud of chlorine gas. Can we not park this fruit-cake in a well sealed bin bag with his Russian billions and his solid gold toilet, at least until the new year? Good. Now everyone's happy. Happy New Year :-)
xenzag, Dec 31 2018

       //As always, one mention of Trump, and a torrent of rage is released like a cloud of chlorine gas.//   

       There is real a simple solution to that re-occurring problem, just sayin'.   

       That being said, happy New Year Xen. And everybody else, may the new year bring peace and prosperity to all.
doctorremulac3, Dec 31 2018


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