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Twitter "Matrix Digital Waterfall" visualization

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Remember the matrix waterfall interface for "The Matrix"?

Well recreate it in HTML5, but hook it up to the twitter API, and display the latest tweets instead!

Could either display one room, with tweets appear in random lines.

Or you could dedicate different lines to each channel.

mofosyne, Aug 04 2014

HTML5 "Matrix" style hack http://www.pixelste...x.php?id=1376485390
Adjust line 11? [jutta, Aug 07 2014]


       What is this "twitter" you speak of?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 04 2014

       //...you speak of// - *of which you speak*
hippo, Aug 04 2014

       Good point [hippo]. Good grammar is something for which I stickle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 04 2014

       Me too!
pocmloc, Aug 04 2014

       I type the Queen's English as it is meant to be typed, innit....but if you really need to stickle..   

       "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher"   

       Not to mention our American cousins..."Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo".
not_morrison_rm, Aug 04 2014

       You could achieve the same effect by filling a bucket with cold piss, hot bile, clownfat and hate, stir it until attractively marbled and tip the potion over the side and down the brick outer wall of a multi storey car park.
calum, Aug 05 2014


       Is there clown foie gras? Seems a little inhumane..
not_morrison_rm, Aug 05 2014

       No foie gras: the clownfat is harvested in much the same way natural rubber is. In fact, it occurs to me that it would be possible to create great synergies by combining natural rubber orchards with clownfat harvesting operations, simply by tying your clowns to the trees.
calum, Aug 06 2014

       downfat? My keming must be off.
tatterdemalion, Aug 06 2014

       Whatever relatively short and generic sentence you can come up with was probably spoken by royalty in several incorrect forms.   

       "Gimme that" -- Elizabeth II, at some point in her very long life
Voice, Aug 06 2014

       I kern see the code!
sninctown, Aug 06 2014

       //spoken by royalty in several incorrect forms.   

       That's as maybe, but I'm typing, not speaking.   

       NB I reserve the right to wander around the house in underwear mumbling "Cthuthu" like I did on Sunday. And Monday, and thinking about it, Tuesday as well.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 06 2014

       //wander around the house in underwear mumbling "Cthuthu" like I did on Sunday. And Monday, and thinking about it, Tuesday as well.//   

       I suspect this of most libertarians. And librarians.
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2014


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