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unix web mod

Modify browser to do a unix trick?
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--So here I am browsing halfbakery (woohoo it's back! Well done!!) and I've an urge to copy and paste a few URLs to a table. I've been using tin in unix shell to do email chores and it hits me: why can't my browser understand that there's really only one reason why someone would hilight text; i.e. to copy it! So let's have a mod for browsers (using IE at the moment) that does this very simple thing. Hilight, alt-tab to another window, and paste to that application via right-click!
Steamboat, Oct 08 2004


       a) no idea what putty is ('cept the stuff you fill in nail holes with or the silly stuff)   

       b) I constantly save my place with highlighting. On a long page, if I need to come back later I highlight the sentence I'm on. I'd hate to clear something important from my clipboard so easily.
Worldgineer, Oct 08 2004

       Silly Putty that you could press onto the screen and then it comes off with a mirror image of the screen text written on it would be cool. (Then you could press it onto paper for and it's like a printer.)   

       BTW, what are we talking about?
phundug, Oct 08 2004

       Putty is a friendly terminal emulator - I think it's called Putty because it apparently 'makes windows usable' or something like that - it's a unix geek thing. That aside, it does have this neat thing where anything highlighted with the mouse is instantly copied to the clipboard, and can be written to the current cursor position with a simple right-click action. It's pretty cool when you get the hang of it.
zen_tom, Oct 08 2004

       Putty is also a pun on the abbreviation "TTY" (for "teletype") which was commonly used to refer to terminals.
krelnik, Oct 08 2004

       Would save one keystroke per operation.   

       A keyboard macro (I don't use any such software so can't recommend any) that issued a ctrl+c then an alt+tab from a single key sequence ought to do a fair enough job of emulating what you want.
half, Oct 08 2004


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