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Tsunami Lifesaving LTA Backpack

Fire extinguisher sized back pack with balloon, rope and anchors
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Tsunami warnings are long enough for you to get high up, but your never sure if its high enough. So use the Tsunami Lifesaver Backpack.

Strap it on like a harness with a backpack. Anchor the rope anywhere that seems it will hold. If the situation gets really frightening pull out the safety pin, and tug at the "PULL THIS IN EMERGENCY" orange ribbon.

Bam! A balloon inflates and you can allow yourself as high up as you wish. If things go really bad, and the house is pulled down, simply pull the next rope, and you begin soaring in the air. You have at least 2 hours, and can direct yourself in the different winds, letting out gas to lower yourself when over safe ground.

A helium refill after false alarm would cost around $200.

It could also work on a battery and hot air.

For an extra fee, a helicopter company from somewhere inland (on the volcano for example) will get signaled, and will come and throw you a rope to safety.

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On second thought, besides personal backpacks, it would be a good thing for the fire brigade to have several emergency inflatable balloons to get people down from high rise buildings...

pashute, Apr 11 2011

Rocket version, for cats http://bz.pair.com/fun/catrock.jpg
[spidermother, Apr 11 2011]


       Also useful for zombies.
DIYMatt, Apr 11 2011

       I would like a third rope to pull which in addition to flying around would let me shoot spurts of holy meteors, with which to fight those scorpion-horse lady critters that sting anyone not scooped up in the Rapture. In case that is the direction things are going. I understand that option might cost extra.
bungston, Apr 11 2011

       Balloon boy and the armchair man's dream!
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2011

       I think that's rightfully, lawnchair man.
rcarty, Apr 12 2011


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