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Sticky Pole

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this is a stripper pole that is entirely coated with a layer of double sided industrial tape
vfrackis, May 26 2010


       So it will catch strippers, sort of like fly paper? (not my bone)
swimswim, May 26 2010

       Thought this would be about enhancing promotions prospects amongst the most challenging of careers ...
Aristotle, May 26 2010

       Well, as the tagline says, "OK, we're here; now what?"
pertinax, May 26 2010

       "So it will catch strippers, sort of like fly paper? (not my bone)"
Your bone catches strippers?
phoenix, May 26 2010

       I suppose the more adventurous could place, at key points on the pole, specially prepared hair waxing strips, resulting in them having been pole waxed.
calum, May 26 2010

       as charming as the idea of setting the thing up then coming back the next day to find a bunch of scantily clad wimmen stuck to it is, ... err ..... [+]
FlyingToaster, May 26 2010

       What if you found firemen instead?
pertinax, May 26 2010

       <damonrunyon>It's a gimmick, see?</damonrunyon>
Clothes adhere to the pole, and are torn off the stripper, one by one. (You need specially prepared clothes.)
mouseposture, May 27 2010

       This made me laugh.
blissmiss, May 27 2010

       //Clothes adhere to the pole// Oh I see, it's not a method for pissing-off strippers then?
zen_tom, May 27 2010

       //Your bone catches strippers?// No no, he's clearly making sure the pole won't catch his bone.
BunsenHoneydew, May 31 2010


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