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Tube Launderette 2

Wash clothes more efficiently
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This laundromat would consist of a single tubular continuous cycle washer and drier. Clothes would be RFID tagged and thrown into the tube. The first part of the tube would add water and soap, the second part would tumble, and so forth. At the end would be a drying cycle. The clothes would be auto-sorted into bins by which tag they have. The advantage of this is that the machine doesn't have to start and stop, and the different parts don't have to change speeds. Also the inside of the tube can be perfectly designed for the function that section serves as opposed to a one-shape-fits-all style tub. This saves wear over the traditional model.
Voice, Sep 22 2019


       This sounds like the most perfect system for irretrievably separating pairs of socks yet devised by your species ...   

       [+] for sheer nuisance value.
8th of 7, Sep 22 2019

       I think this is baked. When I was in university, I signed up for a weekly laundry service, and I got the impression (or maybe was outright told) that they used such machines. I never actually used the service, finding it far more convenient to just do my laundry myself than to have dirty laundry on their schedule.
notexactly, Sep 24 2019


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