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trawler fish anaesthesia

trawlers could use nitrous oxide on their process lines
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those peta people are amazing

first they lure me with pictures of females wearing lettuce[link] then they remind me that fish have rights

I think trawlers could have a nitrous oxide stage on their harvest line

the only objection is that nitrous is a greenhouse gas

beanangel, Apr 26 2008

people wearing lettuce http://lettuceladies.com/
[beanangel, Apr 26 2008]

fish rights http://fishinghurts.com/
[beanangel, Apr 26 2008]

Possibly not pertinent to the discussion http://flickr.com/p...arkroom/2443676583/
"Save me! Save me! Save me!...." [DrCurry, Apr 26 2008]

Not at all pertinent http://www.youtube....watch?v=LzpN9ce_qF0
Fish heads, fish heads. Roly poly fish heads. [Noexit, Apr 28 2008]


       Personally, I share your horror at all these fish suffocating to death. However, aren't they all flash frozen these days? I would've thought that pretty humane.
DrCurry, Apr 26 2008

       I doubt that they much prefer being speared by me, but at least it's up close and personal.
normzone, Apr 27 2008

       I worked on one of those flash freezer boats for a while. The fish are cleaned live before they are frozen.   

       <side note>
As the new guy on board, (I'd been in, but never on the ocean before this time), I had the dubious honor of having to glaze, (dip in buckets of sea water), every fish twice before it went in the final bin, once at night and once the next morning.

       One of the fish I'd cleaned earlier the day before I then glazed it, the next morning when I went to re-glaze started flipping around like it was just caught.   

       I swear to God. It freaked the crap out of me. Barely half a cup of coffee under my belt and this half frozen zombie salmon starts doing the funky chicken fit to make it back to Adams river to spawn.   

       It's ok.
They didn't believe me either.

       I have no trouble believing you.   

       In my less discreet days I cut the head off a baby rattlesnake, and after burying the head I was fooling around with the body. The neck turned around and struck me on the hand.   

       I dropped it in a stream. I last saw it swimming away.
normzone, Apr 27 2008

       I would guess that, if you wanted to humanely kill or stun large numbers of fish before gutting them, your best bet would be a high voltage - maybe slide them down a wide pipe, a short section of which has two electrodes across it at a high voltage.   

       However, I'm sure that trawlermen would not be entirely comfortable with a couple of kV on a wet ship.   

       [normzone] your story is not unusual. If you cut the head off a lawyer it can continue to suck blood for several days.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 27 2008

       Yes, it has to be a stake through the heart as well. Cutting the head off is only for zombies.   

       Instead of nitrous oxide, why not use a sucession of small explosive charges to stun the fish ?
8th of 7, Apr 27 2008

       They're. Fish.
Noexit, Apr 28 2008

       I saw a tv show once where fish were corraled (sp?) into a channel with a mechanised gate at the end. When their lips touched the gate, the spinal cord was cut, the gate opened and through it went.
sprogga, Apr 29 2008

       //They're. Fish.//   

       gm: "They're fish."   

       Who are you talking about?
nomocrow, Apr 29 2008

       Uh...I dunno...but I think since they are FISH it really does not matter...they taste great. Call me a stupid Troglodite...I don't care...I like fish for dinner and I don't really care how they got on my plate. Lobsters dropped live into boiling water taste great, too...and the clams...Mmmmmmm....and the shrimp....   

       Well, gotta go to lunch now...Bye!
Blisterbob, Apr 29 2008


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