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Tube 'o Beet

Reconstituted beetroot in a tube that is the same diameter as a hamburger bun
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ConsulF - This is for you.

Beetroot grows to a variety of sizes, though not nearly often enough the same size as a hamburger bun. This usually means you need to use multiple slices to completely cover a burger. In my observations, two slices of beet have very low friction and tend to fall out.

Take beets, smoosh them, add some kind of thickening agent to preserve the texture and then reform them in a tube that is the same size as a hamburger bun.

Perfect for a beetroot insurrection.

sprogga, Apr 06 2008

Beetroot insurrection Beetroot_20Insurrection
[sprogga, Apr 06 2008]

Cream Cheese Rings Cream_20Cheese_20Rings
Like this, but less cream cheese more beetroot [sprogga, Apr 06 2008]


       [sprogga] Your intellect is exceeded only by your good looks. (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 06 2008

       You guys are dedicated. I'm going to have to try this beet hamburger thing some day.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 06 2008

       Why not grow the beet in burger-diameter plastic tubes, to produce the perfect burger-diameter beet? Oh yes - because it must taste disgusting, that's why not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       I'm new to this game, but isn't this a "flavour"? Good on you for advocating beetroot however.
james_what, Apr 06 2008

       As I always say, what's the difference between Meat and Beetroot?
sprogga, Apr 07 2008

       Meaty, beety, big 'n bouncy.   

       I like Maxwell's idea - much better than mushing and reconstituting with additives.
wagster, Apr 07 2008


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