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Peanut Limiter jar

Designed to restrict peanut intake & prevent fatal overdoses
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Basically, the jar neck is wide enough to allow your hand into it, but if you try to pull out a huge handful of peanuts, the size of your fist is now too big to come out of the jar.

Desist oh greedy one, and try a smaller handful....

energy guy, Dec 25 2004

softee, softee, catchee monkey http://www.inspirat...ries.com/2/233.html
[po, Dec 25 2004]

satay http://chilemasters...tay-thailand-1.html
[skinflaps, Dec 26 2004]

Reference to boney-bun http://www.halfbakery.com/user/luecke
Luecke's idea - see second paragraph [energy guy, Dec 28 2004]


       i can see my dad with this now, walking around the house with his hand stuck in the jar, whimpering quietly. do i sense a homer simpsonism here somewhere?
benfrost, Dec 25 2004

       Can you have a fatal overdose of peanuts? [sigh] Another thing to worry about.
hazel, Dec 25 2004

       Fill the jar with satay?
skinflaps, Dec 25 2004

       whats satay?
energy guy, Dec 26 2004

       Has someone been coon hunting? I think someone has.
photojunkie, Dec 26 2004

       A filbert limiter, surely.
Shz, Dec 28 2004

       Oh dear. The sad fact is that I can't decide whether to bun this as I know I need one, or to bone it as it would restrict my peanut intake. Doubtless my friends and family will organise an 'intervention' soon.
wagster, Dec 28 2004

       Peanuts are good.
DesertFox, Dec 28 2004

       [DF] - in small doses - yes.   

       [wagster] - how about a boney-bun? (see link)
energy guy, Dec 28 2004

       Boney-bun it is! I am far from neutral on this idea, I both love it and am horrified by the implications.
wagster, Dec 28 2004


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