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Tuner shades

Be Lou Reed, but more in tune
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Basically, a pair of Rayban Wayfarers (Black, natch) with a tuner display projected - or whatever it would be - onto a lens so you can tune up your gruesomely out-of-tune, but beautiful, Gretsch without having to get down on yer knees, take your glasses off and squint through the dry ice at yer stage tuner to see what the wee lights are doing.

Obviously the shades are attched to the tuner on the deck by means which my tiny, unscientific, unschooled in what makes things tick mind can't fathom.

I'm fairly certain that some of you chaps can, though.

lemon tetra, Mar 11 2004


       When I read the title, I immediately pictured a pair of glasses with tacky paint jobs and a small speaker that plays the sound of coffee-can mufflers.
Freefall, Mar 11 2004

       Most new tuners have big LEDs on them. Failing that, my ear is usually good enough.
gnomethang, Mar 11 2004

       How d'you get your ears round over your eyes?   

       And get them to look like raybans?
lemon tetra, Mar 12 2004

       Wouldn't it just be easier to learn to tune by ear?
zigness, May 03 2004


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