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White People Sunglasses

Protection from these un
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This would be google glasses app that uses a combination of face recognition, autofocus and autocontrast settings to smear white people's faces into the background, effectively eliminating them from the visual field. Imagine a world where all the white people disappear.
JesusHChrist, Jul 11 2012


       + hehe
xandram, Jul 11 2012

       I suspect that this would be tricky to implement in real-time, unless you wanted to tolerate a lot of errors.   

       You'd also have to compensate for ambient lighting, which is a lot more variable than we realize (our eyes and brains accommodate a lot). Even then, it would be difficult to reliably exclude (for example) some skintones that you might want to leave unaltered.   

       Also, what happens to white folk who are wearing sunglasses and have extensive facial hair? Clearly, if anyone should be blurred, it would be someone who affects to wear extensive facial adumbrations.   

       Finally, would white people not be more (rather than less) conspicuous if they appeared as torsos surmounted by a diffuse glow?   

       Good idea [+] but inadequately thought out [-] so net [ ]. But then again, [-].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2012

       oh [MaxB]- //inadequately thought out// is exactly what [jutta] calls *halfbaked*!!
xandram, Jul 11 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

rcarty, Jul 12 2012

       [rcarty] TTT?
jmvw, Jul 12 2012

       Similar prior art exists - Google Street View.
normzone, Jul 12 2012

       Oh... I was hoping to find sunglasses shaped like white people... kinda fat and uptight and unhealthy.
UnaBubba, Jul 13 2012


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