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Turn Off News

Enough Brangelina in your news? Turn those items off
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Backwards from Google news, I want to be able to say "no thank you" to certain new items... So if I see something about a celebrity, I can just click "no more of this crap for a week" or so - these filters would then allow me to see fresh news items all the time, as I could choose when I'm done hearing about the last 30 seconds of the columbia disaster, etc. And since there is a time limit, more interesting things could show up later that I would still see.
bigattichouse, Jan 01 2009


       Yes! I remember Usenet News' kill-by-subject. (The "nn" reader had that, for example, but I'm sure other readers did too.) For about two or three years, that was a great mechanism of opting out of a thread once you'd realized that you were no longer interested in it.
jutta, Jan 02 2009


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