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Twin-fuel Diesel

Heavy oil through carburetor, light igniter injected
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One problem with existing diesel engines is the inability of the fuel mixture to mix adequately with the air for complete combustion. (A lot of trade-offs are made to achieve this.) I propose adding a heavy oil fuel into the air intake (as in a spark-ignited design). A lighter, more flammable fuel is then injected into the combustion chamber. This would be superior to a high-octane spark-ignited design because a far less flammable fuel could be used in the intake--something that may not burn reliably with a spark alone. (Nitromethane comes to mind. I never said this had to be used on the street.)
kevinthenerd, Mar 04 2010


       how would this be better than other advancements such as direct injection? Even typical fuel injection does prety well in this regard.
AutoMcDonough, Mar 05 2010

       Is this not the principle behind using LPG (propane) in diesels? That's baked.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 19 2010

       Your proposal treats fuel ignition as the only issue to solve. It isn't. A fuel should be characterized by 1 storing adequate energy by weight and volume 2 readily ignited 3 combustion occurs rapidly enough to accommodate the mechanical cycle.   

       Most mixed fuel proposals suffer badly in implementation on the 3rd aspect. No info is given that makes yours better.
MrExergy, Nov 04 2017


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