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SVO Car with Fuel Tank Deep-Fryer

Vegetable oil tank in a converted diesel car doubles as a fryer
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Cars converted to run off of straight vegetable oil use a separate heated tank that makes the oil the same viscosity as regular diesel. If you used high-grade cooking oil without any additives, and if you use the same heating elements to heat the oil to around 300 degrees Farenheit, you could use the fuel tank as a deep fat fryer.

This would be great for cookouts, camping, and tailgate parties. Just pop the trunk, crank up the heat, and dunk in your favorite food for frying. Lard and shortening for doughnuts, peanut oil for chicken, and sesame oil for Asian food.

When you're done cooking, just filter the oil and drive away.

discontinuuity, Aug 19 2005

GreaseCar http://www.greasecar.com/
SVO conversion kits. [discontinuuity, Aug 22 2005, last modified Sep 06 2005]


       Perfect for the police on a stakeout.
oniony, Aug 19 2005

       What does SVO stand for?
BJS, Aug 21 2005

       This could be good for a converted diesel powered motor home...
BJS, Aug 21 2005

       svo= straight vegetable oil. I'll put a link.
discontinuuity, Aug 22 2005

       This similar to the fresh water dispenser in hydrogen vehicles?
Laimak, Aug 22 2005

       Mmmm. Fondue bourguignonne. Will a car run on white truffle oil?
Shz, Aug 22 2005

       Only for as long as you can afford to fill it.
angel, Aug 22 2005

       Actually, what this would be perfect for is a mobile catering van.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 28 2006


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