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Self propelled batteries

For propelling electric cars and trucks (and ships and trains)
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Car pulls up alongside the road. Batteries automatically drive out of "fuel space" and new ones drive up and enter car or truck (or ship or train) for continued drive.

The ones that left the car drive over to the filling station, via a covered driveway, 20 cm high, or through a short tunnel, where they are recharged.

Version II would work "on the fly", automatically running up to advancing vehicle and replacing batteries that leave it.

pashute, Apr 15 2013


       So you want to power an electric vehicle with batteries. Ok got it. Now you want to add a secondary drive train to the battery pack itself.....Not a good idea. The main challenge to adoption of electric cars has always been that 1 pound of gas stores a hell of a lot more energy than the same weight of batteries. Adding more drive train to the vehicle total weight with a "self moving" battery pack increases the total demand for vehicle hp and stored energy in the battery pack. This is an idea so bad as to not even be wrong.
MrExergy, Nov 04 2017

       True... the batteries should instead have short legs, and waddle over to their recharge station.
FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2017

       Hello, [MrExergy], and welcome to the half-bakery (at least, this is the first time I've seen you here).
pertinax, Nov 05 2017


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