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Twin dish

For sharing
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I don't know why, but my 1 and 3yr olds will pick at their meals. However, when I sit down with mine, they practically fight each other to get tidbits from my plate. So my cunning plan is to have a dish that is really two or three dishes joined together.
I can't help wondering if they would they see through it, and still demand tidbits from the dish that is nominally mine?
Ling, Sep 19 2006

More like this, I think http://www.kidsurpl.../zak-mmkz-0351.html
[Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006]

Twin dishes http://extratv.warn...01_02/08/a_g17.html
[normzone, Sep 21 2006]

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       [Galbinus], Heh, that'll do.
Ling, Sep 20 2006

       Feed them just once a day. It will do wonders for the appetite.
ldischler, Sep 20 2006


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