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Two Month Superstore

Opens on November 1. Closes on December 31.
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Every year around this time you see stories and reports on how retailers expect holiday sales to pan out. It's make or break time, or 8% off last years pace, or 75% of our yearly business depends on the Christmas buying season. So close the doors of your store for ten months of the year while you cruise the Gulf of Thailand.
ty6, Nov 13 2002

(?) Tuesday Morning store opening times http://www.tuesdaym....com/StoreHours.htm
Feb 4 - Mar 30, Apr 8 - Jun 29, Aug 5 - Sep 30, Oct 1 - Dec 31 in 2003 [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]


       Then I want to hold the properties' leases. <g>
hollajam, Nov 13 2002

       Well, there are those shops in amusement parks. They're as seasonal as the park itself.
phoenix, Nov 13 2002

       Thats hardly the same though, is it?
tyskland, Nov 13 2002

       Would this be done using timeshares?
LoriZ, Nov 14 2002

       Seems the BeOS software stores lasted about this long.
bristolz, Nov 14 2002

       I was thinking in terms of a mainline store, electronics, clothing, sporting goods, etc. Around my area, the second tier chain stores have had their doors blown off by Wal Mart, Home Depot and larger and better run supermarket chains. They had the going out of business sales and the buildings are vacant. The manufactuers and distributors might have price minimums, because if you were to undercut the big boys by too much........
ty6, Nov 14 2002

       Baked in the States. Every year around November somebody fills a closed K-Mart/Caldor/Ames/Bradlee in CT with Remainder Books. I have also seen this done for Halloween Stores and Calendar Stores...
dbsousa, Jul 30 2003

       Also baked in a more generic form in the US by a closeout chain called "Tuesday Morning", which is open four times a year for about 8 weeks each time. See link.
krelnik, Jul 30 2003

       there is a christmas shop somewhere to the south of me somewhere. oh lordy I will have to find mention of it now.
po, Jul 30 2003


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