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Two Ply Splitter Roller

Gently seperates and rerolls a common symbol of modern profligate consumption.
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This toilet paper dispenser features a sharp edge which slices two ply toilet paper, so as to separate the plies.

Unrolling the main two ply roller also powers the secondary rolling single ply roller. This causes a separate roll of single ply paper to accumulate on that roll for later consumption.

rcarty, Jan 07 2010

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       Two words: no. no.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2010

       That's really only one word twice.
rcarty, Jan 08 2010

       So, you plan to use a single sheet, or do you fold it over to make a multiple ply?
ldischler, Jan 08 2010

       Umm... why not just stock single ply?
csea, Jan 08 2010

       Hmm.. maybe I'm one ply short of an ass wipe.   

       I'm going to be using that now.
rcarty, Jan 08 2010


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