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Two Timer

A two timing timer, (apparently)
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Inspired by another timer idea, I would like a two timing timer.

The scenerio:

I am baking a cake, yum, it takes 30 minutes to bake at 320 degrees.

I want to meditate for 20 minutes while the cake is baking. Then when I am done, there will be a lovely cake to eat.

Hence I need a Two Timer. A regular, functional kitchen timer that can be set for two times. It buzzes for the first time just like always, but behold, a beautiful Tibetan Gong rings for the second time. That way you know the difference between the two. (And no, I don't want two timers either.)


blissmiss, Oct 05 2015

Exists https://www.youtube...nE&feature=youtu.be
here is a triple time timer [evilpenguin, Oct 06 2015]


       Ah, but if a cake bakes without timer, and no one hears you eat it, does it still gain you a pound?   


       Mmmm, Cake! [+]
Grogster, Oct 06 2015

       I'm sure there's an app for that...
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2015

       Set the timer for the first one. Reset for the remaining time.   

       Or have an oven and a microwave each with their own timers.
MechE, Oct 06 2015

       Too easy, [MechE]. I need complex and interesting.
blissmiss, Oct 06 2015

       Start up 2 instances of the timer app on your smartphone; one for 20 minutes and another for 30 minutes each with distinct alarm sounds.   

       I'd suggest a gong after 20 minutes meditation to avoid a harsh end to the mood, and a buzzer after 30 minutes cooking time.   

       You might need to install 2 different timer apps, since an app is likely to allow itself to run only 1 instance and operate only 1 timer.
Tulaine, Oct 06 2015

       + I like this!
xandram, Oct 08 2015


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