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Typing answering machines

Answering Machines that type out messages.
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Yes, many offices are very busy and don't have time to listen to their voice mail or answering machines all day or first thing in the morning.

Often there are other workers in the office, who need to receive the voice mail before the receptionist gets to work. They have messages for cancellations and such that reflects their work.

Also, have you ever tried to take down a message from your voice mail or answring machine, and the phone keeps ringing at the same time, and you need to answser it.

That would be a wonderful invention, to say the least.


Susan L. Curtin Susan_Curtin1@msn.com

Yesme, Nov 28 2000


       As seen on Strange Days, where the main character's answering machine converts the call into text on screen.
amadeus, Nov 29 2000


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