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Using analogue record technology for car saftey
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Idea is to embed patterns in the road coming up to traffic lights or speed restrictions, like grooves on a record. The contact between the road and the tyres acts like the stylus on an analogue record to reproduce predetermined sound in the car. Grooves in the road would be made to reproduce sounds like 'slow down, traffic lights ahead'.

Difficult to do, but the concept has been proofed. When you drive on a road with rough tarmac, you get white noise in the car.

Could also be used for advertising !

fshome, Mar 08 2007


       welcome [fshome] but read the help file about tyres that make noises by running over rumble strips etc
xenzag, Mar 08 2007

       posting this or the energy from a gym idea should be an entrance exam. welcome, fshome.   

       and a great title for an olde idea.
po, Mar 08 2007

       Are you suggesting cutting grooves parallel to the path of the car? (Cause the other way leads straight to a MFD.)
ldischler, Mar 08 2007

       //but the concept has been proofed// Proved how? White noise isn't proof of this concept at all. More info?   

       Which is to say welcome to the Halfbakery.
baconbrain, Mar 08 2007

       Guys, thanks for the heads up. I have just withdrawn my suggestion for the gym idea .. it did involve pumping water up hill, so as to power a generator when it flowed back down, but that angle probably is already taken.
fshome, Mar 08 2007

       I like the idea, but I also like a smooth ride.
spiraliii, Mar 09 2007


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