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Whoopie Curb™

Fool your friends and neighbors into thinking that they scraped the bottom of their car!
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In similarity to the old classic whoopie cushion gag, this device is placed discreetly in your friend's or neighbor's driveway or parking space. When he pulls in, he hears a "SKREESHHHHH" noise as if he just dragged the bottom of his bumper or spoiler on the curb from pulling in too close.

This is also fun to put at the end of a driveway. Some cars sit so low that if you come down a driveway or a ramp too quickly you will scrape the bottom of the car. Well now you can surprise them even if they didn't really come down the ramp too quickly. This is even fun with other sounds such as running over pot holes, big rocks, or even the sound of a plastic bag getting caught under the fender.

Jscotty, Mar 07 2008

Curb Side Blow Job Curb_20Side_20Blow_20Job
Not even slightly similar [theircompetitor, Mar 09 2008]


       I like the Whoopie Curb. It’s fun. It’s harmless. It’s worth a [+]!   

       It also gives me the idea that I could cause the same effect using speakers in my front yard to broadcast horrible sounds to intimidate the ever present residential speeders.   

       I could vary the sound type based on speed – as in - Semi-fast = Sound of a blowout; Fast = Screeching tires; Outrageously Fast = A thump, scream, and then the sound of a body tumbling in the wheel-well.   

       I considered gun shots but they might shoot back…
CwP, Mar 07 2008

       You have to make one of these that goes "MiaAOOowwrnchk."
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2008

       Ya know, I betcha dollars to donuts we see this in one of those gimmicky stores very soon. +
blissmiss, Mar 08 2008

       Cracktshhh...Pphshhhhhhhhhhh. (+)   

       "AAAAAGHHHH! My leg! My leg! Somebody call 911! Get this car off me! AAAAAGHHHH!" (+)
Canuck, Mar 10 2008

       + hah! Does it come with *dragging a branch* sounds, too?
xandram, Mar 10 2008

       I freakin' love curbs, dude.   

Giblet, Mar 11 2008

       //Gives me an idea// [marked-for-tagline]
Canuck, Mar 12 2008

       What will they think of next? Whoopie Pothole!
Jscotty, Mar 13 2008

       I think this might be more appropriate as a Whoopie Speed Bump.
elhigh, Apr 03 2008


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