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UHF Camera

A small camera that can be viewed on any TV in the house without cables.
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How to use it. 1. Put a battery in the camera. 2. Set the dial for an unused UHF channel. 3. Turn on a TV to the same channel. 4. Turn on the camera. 5. See yourself on TV.

If they could make this real cheap* (say, less than $40) it would make a neat toy along with a $7 FM wireless microphone. *I once bought a USB webcam for $20 and it is in color.

Amishman35, Feb 13 2001

X10.com Video Cameras http://www.x10.com/products/cameras.htm
Broadcast at 2.4GHz to a base station which outputs NTSC. Pretty cheap, though not quite $20. [egnor, Feb 13 2001]


       Pretty much baked, though not quite $20.
egnor, Feb 14 2001

       i bought an x10. (how could i resist that most effective and small animated gif i have ever seen?)
from the retail cost, it looks like it the production cost is exactly what you estimated. it works reasonably well. it also broadcasts you stereo or mp3s to remote speakers (works less well- interference is more bothersome on sound quality than video picture.)
gnormal, Feb 14 2001

       I don't see the need for a wireless camera if the idea is simply to see yourself on TV, my webcam does that. I've also got a cheap digital camera that can send images to my TV through a cable (with the added bonus of recording with my VCR.) The wireless camera might come in handy for the odd international espionage assignment, but my control gets nervous when I talk about that, and besides Uncle Sugar provides those toys for me (they cost the taxpayer a tad more than $20.) I suppose it might help me keep a watchful eye on my ex-KGB gf but the CIA does that for me...
whlanteigne, Sep 28 2002


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