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USB Drive Lock

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If an attempt is made to remove a device while in the midst of a file transfer, the port clamps onto the device and growls.
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2013


       Somebody still uses those things? You've heard of Dropbox, icloud and evernote right?
DIYMatt, Jun 27 2013

       DIYMatt - Some of us still prefer to keep our data on media that we physically control.
Freefall, Jul 02 2013

       + sure! I'll take Hello Kitty.
xandram, Jul 02 2013

       To me the biggest problem with cloud storage is perpetual expense. It really can add up if you have much there.
Kansan101, Jul 02 2013

       like it too. Next idea: USB toothpick
pashute, Jul 04 2013

       <suffers a brief moment of nostalgia for the days when you had to unlock your hard drive with an actual, real key>

What everyone else said. Except DIYMatt. And the bit about the Wookie... and Hello Kitty.
DrBob, Jul 08 2013

       Not sure about a real key but it does sound a little like the old Apple Mac floppy drives. I think I also ran into this on 8" floppy drives on a CPM box. I think the Mac had to be told in software to eject while the CPM box just used to lock the draw while the disk was rotating.   

       And I also remember the fun and games trying to retrieve a disk when either system crashed. I seem to remember a bent paperclip solved the problem.
RattyBunyip, Feb 05 2014


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