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wolf wolf

a website for reporting hateful or violent users and their websites or pages
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A website for people fighting racism, terrorists, and any other type of hateful or violent content.

Reporting users that are supportive of violence. Expose these people, research them, and get to all their fake names and what they are up to, by teaming up with other people helpful to this cause. As opposed to scammers, afaik there is no-one trying to list and follow these people. Once it gets famous the website could invoke the police in countries where the hateful talk is coming from.

Maybe it would change the way the internet runs, making it a tiny bit more responsible and safer for how it affects the real world (where we don't allow people to just yell at anybody they see, and of course not to publicly embrace violent behavior without being stopped.

There are more and more people around the world who allow themselves cyber-bullying and maybe this can help.

pashute, May 03 2017


       //Once it gets famous the website could invoke the police in countries where the hateful talk is coming from. //   

       Much as I hate people who hate, I am very, very nervous about the idea of arresting people for what they say, or what they think. There are exceptions, of course, and I don't condone hateful talk; and of course hateful talk can induce hateful actions. But, for the most part, punish the actions and not the talk.   

       //we don't allow people to just yell at anybody they see, and of course not to publicly embrace violent behavior without being stopped// You're eliding two concepts there - yelling and violent behaviour. If somebody yells at me, I don't expect the police to arrest them. If they hit me, I do.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2017

       But the police hit everyone ...
8th of 7, May 03 2017

notexactly, May 03 2017

       I predict runaway scope creep, as more and more people are deemed to be supportive of violence "by implication". [-]
pertinax, May 04 2017

       I would like to report The Whitehouse, which is currently inhabited by a fascist Hitler replica, commonly now known as The Retard.
xenzag, May 04 2017


       It would be abused; people would report others they didn't like, even if they had not done any of the activities mentioned.   

       Unintended consequences; it could become a badge of honor.
tatterdemalion, May 04 2017

       Calling the police would be limited to cases where people are actually calling for or preaching concrete violence.   

       How can it be abused? If you post a youtube where people are teaching you how to stab someone, or how to create a bomb, why should this be ok? Currently it is! At least in some languages on the web it is even quite common.   

       If you post a link to a false document, people could scrutinize it and see if it is fake or not.   

       If someone is using hidden messages in their username which are offensive, and using that username to contact groups of people who would be offended if they new what it was saying, what can go wrong with exposing that to those people? (and only if they wish to know)   

       It would be like snopes, only not for checking facts but rather for checking users.   

       Say someone claims that user:pashute is being used to bully someone. They would have to substantiate it with online evidence. The website monitors could easily discern between legit complaints and non-legit ones, since everything is online.   

       So if someone starts with a campaign: Beware of so and so, they would need to stand up to scrutiny. And if you can't, then you shouldn't be disseminating this stuff.   

       Calling the president of the USA 'The Retard' and writing that he is a fascist replica of Hitler would only qualify for an online discussion on this website, about the appropriateness of the allegations. But would not be assigned as terrorism or cyberbullying, if the alligator (sic) could show that this man is lacking understanding or that he has a methodical system of beliefs in white supremacy that are planned to murder all "inferior" races in his country in an organized and streamlined way. And only if this person were spending much time using many false names and on many different groups to advance this outlook.   

       Without the last two features, just giving your opinion once in a while, even if that opinion is "Not Politically Correct", as the current President would describe it, it still wouldn't be cyberbullying.   

       On the other hand, if you go around forum after forum, saying that the Catholics are the illuminati, that all blacks are communist traitors, or that the (Ashkenazi) Jews have a secret plan to take over the world and drink blood for Passover, and you use various false names, never exposing who you are, and some people can do some research and expose you, then no harm has been done.
pashute, Jan 25 2018


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