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USB Interface Implant

Where to put it
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We were talking about JFK the other day and a disagreement broke out about who shot him. One of our party lagerously declared that it was the guy in the book suppository which got us all laughing and joking about books been supposited and as long as they were digital it shouldn't be too bad. All in all it got me thinking about where on our bodies we might in future have a technology interface of some kind.

Implantable chips have been with us for a while now and hardly a year goes by without some mad scientist telling us that one day we will all have chip implants that will do all sorts of stuff that apparently we aren't very good at like memorising things or monitoring health or watching videos in the back of your head, etc.

Sci fi and the Halfbakery generally seems to assume that any kind of interface will be in the base of the skull presumably for direct access to the cerebral cortex which is a fairly scary proposition.

Assuming we are going to have to have some kind of implanted technology interface then I suggest that it should be a USB type port on the left or right wrist depending on handedness. This would therefore replace the wrist watch which was also located on the wrist since it is an easily viewable, accessible area that doesn't cause discomfort. This interface could then accommodate something that looks like a watch and probably even tells the time. Removal and replacement is very simple, can be done in public and the screen can be easily viewed.

The_Saint, Apr 06 2011

Inspiration? http://xkcd.com/644/
From the greatness that is xkcd... [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 07 2011]

Little green men. http://www.nature.c.../news.2010.384.html
Well, all right then, lizards. [mouseposture, Apr 07 2011]


FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2011

       I've said this before. I was born forty-three and a bit years ago and at that time an RS232 was probably state of the art. If i'd been implanted with one of those, by now i'd have a ridiculously low bandwidth and a massive clunky interface which was seriously out of date. I'd probably have to have something which was permanently plugged into it to use it at all, and this is the problem with data implants in human beings. You would need to upgrade them at some point before you were dead or you'd miss out big time.   

       Ignoring that problem, a wireless interface of some kind would be preferable because having a bit of metal sticking out of you is an accident waiting to happen, and i am aware people have piercings, which are an example of that.   

       [MB], i suggest that turquoise or beige would be good colours for a time machine because they could then blend into the general colour of the Universe and be less likely to cause paradoxes by being noticed.
nineteenthly, Apr 06 2011

       Ah - applogies, [nineteenthly], I deleted the annotation on which you were commentating.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2011

       /copper leached by antennae/ might suggest how little green men with deely boppers became green.   

       As regards wireless, I am not convinced since it opens up the spectre of remote control.
The_Saint, Apr 06 2011

       LGM are green because their evolutionary history does not include a step where autotrophs and heterotrophs became distinct. They both eat and carry out photosynthesis. They glow in the dark so they can transfer energy from other sources into the production of carbohydrate. Hence they are green (chlorophyll) and luminous.   

       No worries, [MB].
nineteenthly, Apr 07 2011

       That's one theory. Another[1] is that the autotrophs are separate organisms which colonize[2] the LGM. Like salamanders <link>.   

       [1] Wolfe G _The Claw of the Conciliator_ Simon & Schuster 1981
[2] Not "infect," since they're symbiotes.
mouseposture, Apr 07 2011

       //If i'd been implanted with one of those, by now i'd have a ridiculously low bandwidth and a massive clunky interface //

Quite. An issue that was also raised in the game 'Deus Ex'.
DrBob, Apr 08 2011

       /Inspiration?/ Sadly not but it does imply bakedness.   

       BTW, I had no idea there was a TLA for LGM. YLSNED.
The_Saint, Apr 08 2011


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