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VR Memories

To help all those confused people
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As I speak, 2 things have happened: My great-great aunt just turned 100 I just came across the Home Skins idea on Halfbakery. Now, my aunt Ruby lived on her own out in the country until she was 97. Now, since we can't take care of her now-failing body, she has been moved to a care center. Here's the problem: Although the place is very clean, it is also very sterile, and it is reminiscent of a hospital. This new atmosphere has made my dear ol' aunt nearly go crazy, until now she is reverting back to memories of when her father was still alive. Now, here comes my idea: Why not make her ideas of being a little girl back home a reality. Although, instead of a VR headset or computer program, come up with a computer chip that you can implant into the brain where the memories are stored. I read somewhere that electric shocks on certain parts oof the brains in patients have evoked such strong responses that the memories were thought to be real. So, the chip could sense the 'want' of a patient (what he/she wants to think about via brain scan of mental activity) and then 'shock' the apropriat area to evoke a stronger memory.

Perhaps a second developement of this is that the chip could relay images of the home/building to a four-screen projector which would translate them into images projected on the white walls of his/her room.

This could help with Alzheimers.

benlevi7, May 15 2003

RealMemory Media http://www.halfbake.../RealMemory_20Media
My idea [koolcj291, Oct 21 2004]


       I'm sure you mean well and to be quite honest I skip-read a lot of the idea but I think you would just confuse the poor old soul even more. I suppose its a WIBNI to want a place for the very elderly where they would get intellectual stimulation and people with the time to converse properly as well as having their physical needs attended to along with basic comforts and all due respect. nothing saddens me more than these lives just cast aside in places hidden from view so that we are not discomforted by the sight.
po, May 15 2003

       Burn some leaves. Not sweetleaf. Leaves. Not indoors. Outdoors.
thumbwax, May 15 2003

       I not so sure your idea the way you want to use it is so good, maybe. But the idea itself is a very good one, it would be nice tor relive past moments sometimes. I have a similiar idea. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/RealMemory_20Media
koolcj291, Dec 02 2003


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