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USB R/C Laptop Buggy

Oh no, my computer's crashed
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An adjustable chassis that clamps on to a laptop and draws power and data through the USB port.

It is controlled through Bluetooth or Wifi from a nearby device or over the internet. The software would allow you to see where it's going through a webcam.

This could also be made for touchpads and smartphones, although they'd probably also need a 45* mirror to see forward.

(There's no Computer: Accessory category)

marklar, May 25 2011

http://xkcd.com/413/ [spidermother, May 25 2011]


       A single USB port is only going to give enough power to move very slowly on a perfectly flat, smooth surface.
8th of 7, May 25 2011

       4.5W for USB 3.0, more if you use multiple ports or you have one with charging mode (9.45W). Maybe it should include a capacitor or two. Still, that's on par with cheap r/c cars that take 4xAA cells.   

       I read xkcd and I don't remember seeing that one. Perhaps it floated out of my subconcious today when I daydreamed about computers literally crashing. As one might expect, his idea is superior to mine.
marklar, May 25 2011

       I'm picturing something like the bastard child of a laptop and a Roomba. I'd glue on some v-r capability to make a computer that comes when I call it.   

       And probably some pipe insulation for when it flings itself down the stairs...
Alterother, May 25 2011

       Netbooks make more sense for this. Still though, [+]
CyberCod, May 26 2011


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