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virtual movies

remote personal vm points you to direct movie download site
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This is a website that first gives you a virtual machine for a certain amount of time and in it is an open browser with a web search.

You find the direct video and download it along with all the unwanted content and viruses, but you don't care. This is your wrong-doing and your problem. Legally VMovies just gave you a VM, not the movie.

The virtual homepage (in the browser of the VM) tells you what you should and shouldn't do to see the requested video (i.e. don't press the middle play button, only the play on the bottom etc.)

It has usernames and passwords that you can use. When you are done or the time is over, it resets itself.

pashute, May 30 2018


       I'm not selling you these guns, but if you leave money on this table and walk away with the guns I won't report the theft.

I'm not a prostitute, but I'm a lot more likely to be friendly if I receive a cash gift in advance of our date.

I'm not practicing medicine without a license, so that's why I'm just going to leave my opinions on your case on this paper I'll leave right here.

I'm not a taxi service, I was going to go to your destination anyway, so we're just ride sharing.
Voice, May 31 2018

       Just because I put the means to publish hate-filled rants in front of idiots and goad them with inflammatory lies from others and gamify the whole thing so that maelstroms of controversy are richly rewarded, it doesn't mean I'm Twi.. - I mean - a publisher.
hippo, May 31 2018

       I thought you were going to say Reddit.
notexactly, Jun 02 2018

       Just encrypt the VM so use is private. The responsibilty then falls on the user and rights enforcers. VM's can be used for way more than just negative stuff.   

       It is totally up to the VM supplier to be an enforcer or not but if they actively help then they themselves are open to enforcement.   

       This drone mount does fit a camera but strangely, with slight modification, also a Glock.
wjt, Jun 03 2018


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