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UV Activated hair styling

After a search on Google and HB was unable to find so here goes
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Use UV activated polymer in hair styling product. Apply, style, lock in with black light. Black light is of course button operated and turns off when not pushed, to prevent accidental hardening of product before styling is complete. Would of course have to wash out easily like gel or come with shampoo for it.
Spaceman Spiff, Apr 16 2009

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       It would make for a nifty curling iron.   

       Same idea as the Reactive hair gel post but uses UV insted of a two part system. P.S. Missed that post in my search, honest.
Spaceman Spiff, Apr 16 2009

       I had in mind when reading the title that this would be some hair product that sprung hair into a style when you were in bright sunlight :)   

       I like the idea, even though hard-hair is generally a turn-off, there are some cases (like in stage plays?) where you need a style to stay regardless of texture.   

       Added bonus - hair would stay in place while at cheezy nightclubs under the blacklights! [+]
paix120, Apr 20 2009


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