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Ubiquitous Cots

Dozens if not hundreds of public-use cots everywhere there are lines or waiting
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Any public place where one encounters a line, or any other waiting area, should be equipped with cheap cots, so that anyone who doesn't want to stand and wait, has the option to lie down and take a nap. Banks, the DMV, airports, restaurants with buffets, women's restrooms in concert or sporting event venues, my office, wherever. Cots. Lots of them. All unused space should be occupied with cots. Bunk cots are also possible, although those would need to be stronger, and therefore more expensive.
cocktaillouie, Mar 15 2004

Folding line chair http://www.magellan...SID=hob%3A118-WA222
[Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]


       And they clean these how often?
phundug, Mar 15 2004

       And I want to see people having sex in airports/banks/DMV how often?
phundug, Mar 15 2004

       no no, they are not for sex. the same rules apply to these cots as would apply if people started randomly having sex on any surface. these cots are for naps while you wait in line.
cocktaillouie, Mar 15 2004

       You're not gonna move up in the line very quickly if you're lying down.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 15 2004

       yabba, you would retain your place in line while napping. This would combine very favorably with the number system often used in DMV's and delis.
cocktaillouie, Mar 15 2004

       How do you know if your number has been called if you're asleep? Or are you trying to trick us all into sleeping so that you move up?
Worldgineer, Mar 15 2004

       I have a feeling, if there's only one cot left, and an amorous young couple, that things might tempt them to attempt a ... coupling, in a blanket-covered, surreptitious way.
phundug, Mar 15 2004

       And then were cot in the act.
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2004

       why don't you bring a light weight folding reclining chair with you ?, lots of people in long lines use them.
SystemAdmin, Mar 15 2004

       admin, reclining chairs are nice, but they're not cots. you can't lie down on them like you can on a cot. now, instant self-deploying cots, that is definitely a good idea.
cocktaillouie, Mar 15 2004

       Won't you have to build every room 5 times bigger to fit all the cots in? Cot takes 2-3 square meters, person standing 0.5 square metres. If these are truly ubiquitous, we're going to need a bigger planet.
kropotkin, Mar 15 2004

       I think these would be filled by the ubiquitous homeless.
RayfordSteele, Mar 15 2004

       This entire concept is merely a virus foisted upon us by the anomonopoea 'cot.' You think it's a bed, or a subset of Scott, but it's just a cot or more specifically, it is just cot. Cot cot cot cot cot cot cot cot cot.
Mungo, Mar 15 2004

       [rayford], the homeless deserve a place to lie down and take a nap as much as anyone else. However, if my idea is implemented the way I described, the cots would be placed inside bank lobbies, DMV waiting areas, airports, and other locations where the homeless just don't go/aren't allowed. So no, these ubiquitous cots would not be filled by the ubiquitous homeless.   

       [kropotkin], only available space would be filled with cots. No new construction would take place. And I didn't say there was to be a cot for every waiter-in-line, just some number of cots available.
cocktaillouie, Mar 16 2004

       Nix the cot and just put pillows everywhere. The surface of anything could be a bed, what is essential for most people's sleep is a pillow. And if you want a whole bed then just grab more than one pillow. Also you could do other things with it like sit on it, and it's more portable. Oh and pillow fights would reduce violent street crime.
phauna, Mar 16 2004


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