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Ultimate Equal Area Cartogram

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This is an idea to combine the competitive influence of all cartograms into one. Once and for all we can see who takes up the largest proportional theoretical area for a bunch of supposedly important indicators, Yipssee!
daseva, Nov 16 2007

about equal area cartograms http://www.worldmap...org/about.html#maps
[daseva, Nov 16 2007]


MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2007

       There is probably a mathematical method to do that with.
quantum_flux, Nov 17 2007

       Yup. I'm guessing you could weight all the good things into one map, and see who's doing the best. So, area of a particular portion would be increased for good stuff per person (GDP, years of education, etc.) and decreased for bad stuff (carbon emmissions, crime, etc.). The final areas might be an accurate visualization of overall welfare, as it's not an easily quantifiable aspect of living.   

       And yes, the UN would get to decide whats good and bad, so it's not to be wholly trusted.
daseva, Nov 19 2007

       If it were based on temperatures in cities and areas, it could be updated in real time. That would be interesting for a few minutes.
Ling, Nov 20 2007

       "What?" indeed.
Murdoch, Nov 20 2007

       Some positives:
Average number of people under one roof
Leisure time per head of population
Average years an infant spends under fulltime care of his mother
Percentage of population able to afford all healthcare they require
vincevincevince, Nov 20 2007

       My favourite cartogram is one in which the land areas of the various countries are represented proportionately by their area on the cartogram. It's really weird: it makes China look bigger than Japan, whilst New Zealand appears much smaller than Australia.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2007

       [Max] interesting concept. Is there a use?
vincevincevince, Nov 23 2007

       //[Max] interesting concept. Is there a use?// No, but it's amusing. There are other distortions associated with this kind of representation also. For example, it makes it look as if the UK is not at the centre of the world, for some reason.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2007


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