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Ultrasonic Canine Musicals With Scent Organs

Entertainments dogs can enjoy
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Several elements to this:

Firstly, take the Sound Of Music and transpose the melodies up seven octaves so that on the whole they are audible to dogs but not humans.

Secondly, go through the Sound Of Music and note, shoehornistically if necessary, every instance of smell. Give each character a distinctive smell and bottle it. Pour essence of Julie Andrews into an oil burner, along with roses and whiskers on kittens and the like. Cover the burners in flaps controlled by a keyboard, whose keys are marked accordingly. Invent a taxonomy for the musical which works like a musical scale, then operate it using paper tape or punch cards. An odour organ, in other words.

Thirdly, take the actual film of 'The Sound Of Music', make it black and white and grainy, change the aspect ratio and reduce it to sixteen frames a second. Put captions in and make it silent to human ears. Accompany it with dramatic silent film style piano music at lower volume than the high intensity of the ultrasonics, so that the sound of piano music is much quieter to the dogs than the higher pitch real sound track for canines.

Make it easy for the dogs to escape.

I reckon you could cure cancer with this one.

nineteenthly, Aug 18 2017


       Time scale problems. It was hinted at it with the screen frame rate change. Smell isn't a sharp it's more like terrain with a few cliffs (wave fronts).   

       It would be good to have a popable volatile bubble so the smell can spread but only scents on command. Various bubble containers various queueable scents.
wjt, Aug 18 2017

nineteenthly, Aug 18 2017

       Not many.   

       // I reckon you could cure cancer with this one. //   

       No, but you might cause a few suicides.   

       Still, trying to do something nice for dogs, so [+].
8th of 7, Aug 18 2017

       Loose the dogs of Warner Bros.
FlyingToaster, Aug 18 2017

       I would have thought that a canine odour symphony would just consist of an endless array of other dogs arses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 19 2017

       // an endless array of other dogs arses. //   

       That would be the House of Commons, then.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2017


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