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Umbrella Fan

Patio umbrella with integral fan
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For those days when it is too hot even in the shade. Visualize a ceiling fan up inside your patio umbrella. The Fan motor is attached below the hub (or pineapple) and would surround the pole. The blades would fold down (pull-twist-fold) so the umbrella can be closed down. Power is either AC, or Battery (integral in the base). A Solar Cell option would also be available ,using flexible PV cells as an integral part of the umbrella cover. See http://www.solarflextechnologies.com/ for PV cells. Watch your heads - anti-scalp grille is optional.
migraine, Jul 23 2001

Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fan .com http://www.ceilingfan.com
Very inventive concept! [kelly23, Oct 04 2004]

po's heater http://www.eurocosm...iodd/patiodd1GB.asp
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]

[pl8to]'s link as a link. http://www.taylorgi...sp?itemNo=17997&ID=
As described. [jutta, Oct 04 2004]

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       'Halfwhacked' or whatever it is, I've forgotten, it's taken so long to find one.
arora, Apr 16 2002

       to make this game more halfbakery friendly, I think arora should either a. move this idea on by way of a creative anno or b. perhaps mark it for deletion ; for double points.
po, Apr 16 2002

       I couldn't mark for deletion (I don't know how), but if the blades were made of plastic and filled with pre-iced water etc. and had a pouring device, as it melted you could pour yourself a cooling drink.???
arora, Apr 16 2002

       Does anyone know where to buy such a thing as a umbrella fan.
JenFanJames, Jul 10 2002

       neat little idea really!   

       wonder if migraine's link works.   

       sorry, wittering away to myelf here, you could put a heater up there when its cold <g>
po, Jun 26 2003

       [po] the heater is baked (link).
kbecker, Jun 26 2003

       Someone has already done it. I had the same idea and googled it. Here it is.....http://www.taylorgifts.com/prodetail.asp?itemNo=17997&ID=
pl8to, Jul 13 2003


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