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Portable precipitation
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The un-brella has a pump and container of water in the handle. On hot, dry days, unfurl your un-brella, flip the switch and enjoy a cooling mist.
AO, Mar 13 2003

Wearable air conditioner http://www.sharperi...&pcatid=1&catid=114
Note that this one uses the Peltier effect, so, unlike your device, it would still work on humid days when water won't evaporate. Given that the fastest way to heat or cool a person is through their hands, you could incorporate one of these in the handle of your unbrolly. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I like it. Combine shading with evaporative cooling. I don't know why people don't use parasols anymore. +
Worldgineer, Mar 13 2003

       reversible in crowd situations - becomes a water cannon
po, Mar 13 2003

brenna, Mar 13 2003

       Make the unbra part fit around a rifle barrel and ship this to Iraq, pronto. +
pluterday, Mar 13 2003

       I thought this would be some organic umbrella produced via bokanovskification that was for either sex or gender.
ImBack, Mar 13 2003

       Like it, let's market it, we'll do lunch.   

AfroAssault, Mar 14 2003

       Crank up the pump to provide a drenching downpour, and somebody'll think you're a Magritte painting come to life.
beauxeault, Mar 14 2003

       there's a market here in Singapore, where it's summer all year round..... +
LoneRifle, Mar 14 2003

       //Another benefit, you could shampoo on the way to work//
In the car?
angel, Mar 14 2003

       The un-brella's a terrible idea in a car anyway. Use the air conditioner.
Worldgineer, Mar 14 2003

       [bliss] If you have your un-brella spraying enough water to wash your hair, you would be soaking wet by the time you got to work. Are you suggesting that there should be a shower curtain so you can walk to work au naturel and then get dressed when you arrive?   

       [LoneR] In Singapore I would recommend that you fill your Un-brella with liquid nitrogen rather than water. It’s so humid in your part of the world that you wouldn’t get much benefit from evaporative cooling, but a spray of LN2 would generate a tremendous white fog, enveloping you in a cloud of refeshosity.
AO, Mar 14 2003

       what? the soaking wet bit? or the au naturel bit? or both?
po, Mar 14 2003

       Use a 1-way mirror shower curtain.   

       (envisions this shiny thing coasting down the sidewalk, emitting water and bubbles from underneath and (bad?) singing)
Worldgineer, Mar 14 2003

       A metallized Mylar shower curtain would do the trick. Then you’d be OK as long as you didn’t get shampoo in your eyes.
AO, Mar 14 2003

       //Crank up the pump to provide a drenching downpour, and somebody'll think you're a Magritte painting come to life.//
Ceci n'est pas un parapluie.
gnomethang, Jun 05 2004

       I've seen awnings like this in French sidewalk cafes and they blew my mind - an umbrella version would be even better!
Joolin, Oct 29 2009


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