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Unclose that browser window!

...which you didn't mean to close
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Probably widely known to be baked. But if not...

Many a time and oft, I've closed one of many browser windows, only to realize a millisecond too late that I hadn't meant to close it. Of course, the History can be used, but that doesn't always do everything. For example, it won't take me to the same place in a big list (whereas the "back" button on my browser will, if I navigate away from a screen and then back).

Why isn't there a simple "unclose" feature that will re-open the recently-closed window in all its glory? Or is there? Please don't tell me it's the item called "Unclose" in all common browsers...

If you're worried about people "unclosing" a window you thought you'd got rid off, just ensure that the feature doesn't work after you've quit the browser, or give it a 5-minute lifetime.

[EDIT - actually, a similar feature would be helpful on almost any application, though I realize it can't work if you've modified the file without saving it.]

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2008

Hand Gesture Interface Project http://www.cmpe.bou.../~keskinc/index.htm
You had to ask. [Spacecoyote, Sep 16 2008]


       my browser does this: "K-Meleon"
FlyingToaster, Sep 14 2008

       Damn. See, I knew that if I posted this, it would turn out that I'm the only person in the galaxy who doesn't know it already exists.   

       OK, OK. How about some sort of plug-in device for a computer, which you can hold in your hand and move around, and which would - somehow!- cause a pointer on the screen to move in an analogous way....
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2008

       Baked in opera - little trash can at the right of the tabs bar. (I assume you mean web browser). Very good feature. It even works offline.
spidermother, Sep 14 2008

       However Google Chrome lets you close all tabs if you press the top right cross, with nary a comment. Yes, I've done it several times when I just wanted to close 1 tab. OK, it's Beta...
Ling, Sep 14 2008

       [Maxwell], I just want to reassure you that I would have LOVED this product. I'd like to be able to mark a particular window (or tab) as "Uncloseable" so that it won't close unless I specifically affirm that I want to close it.
phundug, Sep 14 2008

       Firefox can do this. As Ian said, "Recently closed tabs". As for marking a tab to require confirmation that you want it to close, i bet it could be done with an extension.   

       I would have loved this. This past summer i accidentally closed a tab in FF that contained information it took me three days to find!
wolstech, Sep 15 2008

       Blimey - bit of an unexpected bunfest here. I was planning to delete this on the grounds of "Widely known to exist by everyone except MaxwellBuchanan."
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 15 2008

       Ah, this is such a neat idea. As it happens, my mouse is very sensitive and I often click away browser windows accidentally.   

       I don't want to change the reaction speed of my mouse, because I like a fast tempo. But the consequence is the unwanted disappearance of browser windows.   

       A right-button 'unclose' option would be great. Bunfest continues.
django, Sep 16 2008

       Not to be outdone, FFox's implementation freezes before it even loads completely.
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2008

       //OK, OK. How about some sort of plug-in device for a computer, which you can hold in your hand and move around, and which would - somehow!- cause a pointer on the screen to move in an analogous way....// You mean an Air Mouse?
MisterQED, Sep 16 2008

       <also later> yeah, K-Meleon only does Tabs not entire Windows. It's faster than FFox but has some weird quirks/dontworks.
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2008

       FFox - "Undo close tab" :-)
superjohn, Sep 17 2008


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