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Vertical Breadcrumbs

Friable comorbitity poetry
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Poetry web sites have the problem of too many people writing and not enough people reading. The idea is to have breadcrumbs added to a reader's cookies or whatever, as readers scroll down to reach the ends of poems. Only readers who have collected enough breadcrumbs can continue reading or writing.

This is clearly open to some abuse as a tracking tool, morbidly.

4and20, Jan 29 2021


       This reminds me of Douglas Adams' idea for a computer whose function was to appreciate (not compose) music.   

       There's clearly a role here for bots which write appreciative comments on poetastery.
pertinax, Jan 29 2021

       //the problem of too many people writing and not enough people reading// You don't explain how this is a problem
pocmloc, Jan 29 2021

       ^Fame is underworked by poets.
wjt, Jan 29 2021


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