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He read the same slogan for 40 minutes, over and over.
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The morning commute on the train, your briefcase is heavy and your eyelids heavier. But here is something to brighten your day, for standing across from you is a young woman wearing a short skirt and on the toes of each shoe are large mirrors. At just the right angle you can see up her skirt, and there if you stare hard enough you can read in small letters 'Monster Truck Challenge, Tuesday Nights, Channel 7' printed on her underwear.

As competition increases for this advertising space, rival companies such as channel 10 perhaps, will then employ a gaggle of toothless elderly ladies with similar short skirts and exactly the same underwear.

note: the collective term for toothless old women is sometimes also referred to as a 'trickle', but this has yet to be confirmed.

benfrost, May 07 2005


       Won't illumination be a problem and if it will, shouldn't the slogans be printed in some phosphorescent substance? And could the practice be extended to tattooing the genitals of bekilted Scotsmen?
calum, May 07 2005

       For low light areas - as this may seem to be - garter belts with directional lamps may be fastened appropriately.
benfrost, May 07 2005

       Why not just print the ad right on her butt so everyone can read it, not just the pervs?
DrCurry, May 07 2005

       "This space for rent"?
sophocles, May 10 2005

       There was a bad joke going around in NZ for a while similar to this - only the advertiser was a prominent chain of bottle stores called "Liquorland".
Adze, May 10 2005

       There were great ads for a gay bar in england (or somethign). It was a little sticker on the ground you could only read if you bent over to read it. It read: "Good. Stay like that. Ralphs Saloon (or something)" (or somethign)   

       Have you heard of people getting commercials tatooed onto their body? Golden Palace etc. The sky is the limit. Thats what guerilla marketing is all about at this point anyway, if you have the budget (or rather don't. it can be cheaper if done in a small location like one city et cetera) I heard of an idea involving projecting images onto the moon/blocking the moon with a moon shaped blimp w/ an ad on it. The sky is the limit...   

       Truly the ultimate advertising inolves paying hordes of attractive models to use your product at venues where "trend setters" hang out. Once your product infiltrates them it will spread like a virus and BAM everyone's wearing UGGS.   

       Now I feel like I must invent something for advertising.. hmmmm...
SpocksEyebrow, May 10 2005


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