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thumping Coke can
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Raw mind training, evoking an urge whenever a person is alone and idle.

Simple commercials. A black screen and...

*tap .. tap .. tap ..*

...fade to a black backround with a character sitting at a table, holding a Coke can, tapping it on the table in an even rhythm.

*tap .. tap .. tap .. tap ..*

The characters used are various sterotypical characters with amiable expressions. Sexy babe, grandmotherly type, warm-grinning blue-collar worker, anyone it's difficult not to like. Anyone who the eye is drawn to for examination for a few moments.

*tap .. tap .. tap ..*

The only motion in the frame, and the only red object, is the coke can.

About thirty seconds worth.

After several exposures, the Coke commercial is evoked on cue. Footsteps, ticking clocks, any droning and unexciting noise in an otherwise silent space will evoke the thought of Coke and the warm image associated.

*tap .. tap .. tap ..*

snowfox, Dec 12 2000


       Network TV executives, are you listening? I'm going out for a smoke while I await your reply.
reensure, Dec 12 2000

       Commercials are fast paced for a reason; I think people would either be extraordinarily irritated by 30 seconds without stimulation, or they'd change channels as soon as they hear "tap tap tap" to avoid the irritation. Either way, I don't think it's a win for Coke.
egnor, Apr 15 2001

       Same here. This commercial would be even more annoying than the current Taco Hell ones...Does anyone -really- use the word 'zest' or it's derivatives aside from speaking of soap or citrus peel?
StarChaser, Apr 15 2001

       Wazzzup!? Starchaser: Sure people use 'zesty', 'Funky' is a bigger surprise.
I particularly like the 'zesty' - hot wing connection.

I thunk, and I thunk, and I couldn't think of anything better --- J Starship.
reensure, Apr 15 2001

       Where the hell did all these advertising agents come from lately?
Size_Mick, Apr 10 2004

       tap .. tap .. fish.
booleanfool, Apr 10 2004


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