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Underwater Neons

For all those ultra-cool boaters
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I think that if cars can have flashy little lights beneath them boats should too. You could have different colored ones and ones that flashed in a pattern/ in time with the music you are blasting. Or you could get erie ones that make your floating paradise a ghost ship with a ghastly aura of green! These lights would be more effective, I think, then car neons, becuase the water would help distort the light and make it all the more interesting.

This would also be easy to do. You would build recesses in the hull were you wanted the lights (or have the recesses made by an outfitter of some sort) and put the lights in the recesses. Then put some sort of tough and durable and translucent material over the depression. I think you would have to use a stronger light then neon, but I am quite sure that there is something that would work. The lights would run off the boats battery and either the covering of the depression would be tinted or each light would have a lens or perhaps you could use something like neon. Anyhow, that's the idea!

Space-Pope, Jan 29 2004


       Ah, yes, the Essex boy look comes to the rarefied world of yachting...
DrCurry, Jan 29 2004

       Should make night fishing a snap.   

       BOOM ! [sound awakening normzone sleeping on boat on diving trip]   

       We found just the anchor light on top of the boat attracts krill, which attract flying fish, which attracted a seal who would rush them, which made them leap out of the water and fly....into the side of the boat at about 20mph. Stunned fish, mealtime.   

       Neon would be fun, but you'd have to turn it off when you wanted to get some sleep.
normzone, Jan 29 2004

       I had a sea kayak and when I would be out late at night on Monterey Bay, I would put a strobe light in the rear bulkhead and the entire aft portion would flash a bright yellow. Yes, it was totally awesome. [+]
Klaatu, Jan 30 2004

       //krill, which attract flying fish...// Krill, which attract whale ..., now [norm] is all flat, doesn't need any more meals.
kbecker, Jan 30 2004

       as they say up in the hood, Bling Bling Biotch.
freebooter2, Feb 01 2004

       This would be a cool thing to have on dive boats. (+)
Madcat, Feb 02 2004

       cool factor 5, application 0. You made my cut. here is your vote.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 02 2004

       YEEEEAH! I think this is the shit, for rizzeal.   


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